Meet the Team

Care Placement Advisors

Bryan Riddle


Bryan Riddle – Owner

Bryan Riddle, originally from the suburbs of Kansas City, graduated from the University of Kansas in 1993 with a B.A. in Communications and Spanish. He moved to California in 1998 and changed careers to pharmaceutical and medical equipment sales for over 15 years; working in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.


Missing a more meaningful and impactful connection in his career, Bryan transitioned into working and advocating seniors in 2014 and quickly learned that’s where his passion lay. He also realized that educating seniors and their families on the different resources in the local area was very much needed, especially for families in crisis.


Bryan founded Care Placement Advisors with the goal to assist seniors whether they need his assistance with placement or not. His goal for seniors is to empower and educate them, allowing them to age with the dignity and respect they deserve.


Bryan worked with Jann Oldenburg at Senior Visionary Services for 2 years and purchased Senior Visionary Services in January 2020. Bryan is excited to be teamed up with Jann again, especially with all of the knowledge she brings to the table in the senior care industry.

Jann Oldenburg


Jann Oldenburg – Founder, Senior Visionary Services

Jann Oldenburg has been active in the senior health care industry since 1997, first representing seniors by marketing and development of Assisted Living Communities. In 2004, Jann started her company, Senior Visionary Services, Inc., to represent the welfare of seniors needing additional care through educating and placing seniors in assisting living communities. A graduate of Washington State University, Jann earned experience and understanding of mental health at Eden Medical Center, received her RCFE Administrator’s License in 2002, and served as a member on several non- profit boards. Having lived in Rossmoor for 8 years, Jann continued to lead by forming programs to help women become more knowledgeable about women’s issues and seminars that educate seniors about Alzheimer’s Disease. In 2020, Jann was President of the Rossmoor Rotary.


“My vision is to ensure that older adults enjoy an enriched lifestyle which promotes a sense of well-being and purpose, while providing care and security. Bryan and I are available to help in this transition process by finding an appropriate environment for the aging senior.”